About Us - The Hanna Family  

We've been growing boysenberries on the fertile Heretaunga plains in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand since 1980.  Hawke's Bay's hot dry summers result in the fruit having a high sugar content (brix) - so sweet!

The Hanna family's experience and knowledge, along with a great climate and meticulous hand harvesting results in high quality, sweet and flavourful boysenberries.

So that you can enjoy our wonderful berries in the best condition we market most of our fruit directly.  Our 
Roadside Stall is busy throughout harvest from early December to the end of January.  Buy freshly picked boysenberries or enjoy a real fruit ice cream! 

Relax in the shade with your friends and family.  Take time out from your busy day and enjoy our rural setting.  Chat to our friendly helpers - they are always happy to serve you!


So sweet and delicious! 

Phone:06 873 4570
Mobile: 027 2917562

84 Longlands Road East
R.D. 2 Hastings, Hawkes Bay
New Zealand 4172

News From The Roadside Stall

We have had a wonderful Hawkes Bay summer!  We started picking on 1 December 2017 and the roadside stall was open until the end of January!  Thank you to all our wonderful customers.  You bought all our boysenberries, leaving us with only 4kg frozen blocks to sell through the year.  These blocks are great for jam makers, or use to make our delicious boysenberry coulis!  Pruning will begin in late May.  Follow our year on our FaceBook page!

Our boysenberries are grown under a netted canopy to protect the delicate fruit from birds, hail and frost. We hand harvest our entire crop by pickers wearing food safety gloves.  You can trust our boysenberries to be the very best!

Berry Good For You! - It's no secret that fresh fruit is a must in everyone's diet. Just how good boysenberries are is less well known.
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