The Hanna Family  

From 1980 to 2020 the Hanna Family grew boysenberries on the fertile Heretaunga plains in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.  40 long years!  Their boysenberry growing days are now over.  The land will be replanted in apple trees.


Phone: 027 2917562

84 Longlands Road East
R.D. 2 Hastings, Hawkes Bay
New Zealand 4172

News From The Roadside Stall

Sad news for boysenberry lovers - after 40 years of growing we have made the difficult decision to finish.  Our crop has fed us and you for many years now, and has come to the end of its natural lifespan. 

Our roadside stall will not be open this summer.  We recommend you visit Robhinz Boyz on Pakowhai Road for your Christmas boysenberries!

We still have some 4kg frozen blocks - great for jam makers, or use to make our delicious boysenberry coulis! 

A big THANK YOU to all our loyal customers and pickers who have supported us over the past 40 years.  You have been amazing!